Posted by: dylanemrys | January 11, 2008

Introducting myself

I am a clinical counselor with my masters in prenatal and perinatal psychology. It is unusual, pioneering, awesome and brings science and spirituality together beautifully.

The premise is that what happens during our very earliest experience shapes who we are as adults, how we react to others, the world and the choices we are faced with.

Its foundational theory is that we are conscious, sentient beings from before birth, as far back as conception. How our parents, especially the mother acted, what they felt, the basis for our existence (were we wanted or not, were there toxic elements, emotional or chemical in the womb, her physical comfort, any chronic stress she had) all helped to shape who we are.

This is true on a spiritual/emotional level as well as on a physical neurobiological level. The chemicals produced by emotion flood the system of the mother AND her unborn baby. Chemically, the growing brain is saturated in them if the stress is chronic during the pregnancy. What happens is the brain grows hardwired to deal with chronic stress. It looks like a baby that cries more, is harder to settle, has sleeping problems, eating issues, problems bonding, and then a baby can adapt to this as they grow and have whatever forms of behavior patterns manifest in the attempt to compensate for unresolved stress and trauma.

Emotionally/Spiritually, what the mother feels, the baby feels. There is documentation that shows that even before birth, the mind is present and absorbing messages about self, how the world works and what it means to be here. Also, the baby has feelings and awarenesses separate from the mother.

There is an entire constellation of interconnection between the fetus and mother, father, and their environment.

Ok. Breathe everyone. That was a lot.

Also, what happens during birth affects us. Our experience as we are born imprints in our system and creates patterns of behavior. For example something physical like forceps can result in an extreme dislike of hats, authority, migraines, resistance to help, confusion about pain/pleasure, needing help but always resisting it and the core message that could be ‘If I get help I could die” or “Help is not safe.” And then the life patterns form around those imprints. C-sections, long labors, really really fast labors, forceps and vacuum extraction…shoulders getting stuck, cord wrapped around the neck…the list goes on.

And these things don’t HAVE to create lasting negative imprints…much depends on how connected the parents are to the baby during the birth, if things are being explained, if afterwards the parents understand the newborn has a story to tell and some extreme distress to share and receive empathy for….

The main thing that gets missed is there is somebody home in that wee brain that cares immensely what happens to them during pregnancy and birth.

What I do, is help you identify the core messages and belief patterns that have been governing your behavior patterns and decision making, probably unconsciously. I help you bring them conscious, and then using techniques specialized to work in this area, help you resolve them, allowing you more health and a wider range of choices in your life.

I work over the phone primarily, but can do sessions in person.

I also work with babies and parents to prevent birth trauma from imprinting long-term.

What do you know about your birth and how it affects you?



  1. Just stopping by and saying hi!

    I could write a dissertation in response to your post, but will contain myself somewhat, and just nod and say “right on!”

    At age 47, I have dug around in the impact of being born into a situation where one parent loathed children, did not want any, and his resentment and anger at my mother’s “manipulating” him into becoming a father was in the “psychic atmosphere” even before I was born.

    I came into the world by emergency C-section because the umbilical cord wrapped around my neck a couple of times, as I started to make my way out. Actually, I “started” my life with a near death experience. To this day, I cannot stand to wear shirts with tight collars, and never button the top button, even when I have to wear a tie (which I can’t stand).

    So yeah, there are lasting impacts, even if we carry that old knowing only in our subconscious.

  2. Wow, it’s great that you are so aware of your beginnings.

    Do you also notice a pattern of moving forward with projects or relationships only to feel obstructed or blocked or have some “life or death” feeling issues come up? Or perhaps feel the need to have someone else “take over’ and do it for you, rescue you? Or do you avoid tenaciously those things?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog…I hope we can continue some dialog here, and on yours as well!

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