Posted by: dylanemrys | January 13, 2008

Birth and Relationships

I just attended a one day seminar with William Emerson on Birth and Relationships. In his experience, and in the understandings, experience and research of many others, how we are born profoundly influences our thoughts, beliefs and actions throughout life.

I discovered I may have been “held back” with the umbilical cord around my neck, in addition to what I already knew about my birth (that I was induced, and it was very very fast, and my wrist was pinned between my jaw and my mother’s pelvis and fractured during the decent through the pelvis). I didn’t know there was anything new to find out about my birth, but the additional information about the cord and being held back puts a lot of pieces into place for me.

I have a pattern in my life of “Hurry up and then wait.” Feeling like I have to rush through projects, after waiting till the last minute to start them, only to be stopped somehow towards the end, or get really frustrated before completion, somehow feeling inhibitited in my progress through life, or an activity or a relationship. I see this pattern over and over.

The work I have done to heal and resolve the traumas that I was aware of has really helped. I no longer feel pressured to hurry through projects, or anxious about starting them.

Now, I have new information that I can work on because I don’t want to live my life from a template of trauma!

What patterns do you have in your life? Can I help you identify any of them?


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