If you have questions of a more private nature, have a topic you’d like me to discuss, or are interested in learning more about how I can help you, feel free to contact me in one of the following ways:

  • Email: to avoid spam the following email address is written out, be sure to change the “at” to and @, and remove all spaces – dylanemrys at gmail dot com
  • Phone: Feel free to call during business hours, Pacific Standard Time: 206-418-6539. Leave a message as detailed as you wish. I usually will return calls within one business day.
  • Snail Mail: If you prefer, send me a letter! I am at 1613 Mulberry Lane, Wenatchee, Wa, 98801

I’ll be happy to discuss what’s on your mind with you, and hopefully provide clarification, information or assistance in any way I am able.

I offer a complimentary 20-minute session in order to determine how I can help you.

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